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I have enjoyed every minute of bringing Our Fort Worth to you and other readers, both local and afar. It has drawn so many different people from all over the US although the primary focus has been local.

But, times change, lifestyles change and so do each of our interests amd priorities along with the way we engage with our favorite places and online. So, the time has come to lovingly say goodbye to Our Fort Worth.

Change makes way for EXCITING and NEW opportunities!

I want to introduce you to and invite you to Chatter - Chatter is the nickname I use for

Chatter is a new and exciting way to bring West Fort Worth to you along with a special and unique business directory enabling West Fort Worth and North Texas to do business together.

Chatter is BIG on supporting local business, "Made in America" business and small business. If your business is one of these, you are going to LOVE Chatter!

Now for the really excciting news for a business looking to be the news to Fort Worth (and the world!)

I am so excited that you are interested in the unique way I market businesses like yours and give them an inside track to a larger share of their market. And, is going to grow your business!

Isn't that what growth is all about?

So, fast forward to today and read on....

Almost fifteen years ago I was where you are right now.  I created a web design company with one very large national corporation as my solo customer.  And that is quite another story!

I don't create traditional websites now, but focus on marketing to grow small businesses beyond what they expect.  Marketing quickly and to a large or local audience doesn’t have to be painful or super expensive.

I was lucky enough to have a background in marketing and I am a brainstorming fanatic! Bring me your marketing challenge and I’ll create a boat load of solutions that will work!

My life has been a business experience from the time I was tall enough to help in my parents’ restaurant.  I love being able to make a difference and see a business grow.

The ideas and plans I create for people are real and they really work. All this from someone who has experienced making things work and realizing the growth.  On top of that, I’ve bought the t-shirt in enough colors for every day of the week!

Whether you work directly with me or get my weekly FREEBIE tips to tweak and implement on your own, you have a head start to really growing your business. You get to take advantage of my years of trial and error, hard work and rebounding from the occasional project that didn’t fly – actually crashed!

Visit and get your first FREEBIE. See what it can do for you! Be sure to visit the unique and special businesses we showcase!

For more information on how Chatter can grow your business, send me an email,

Join me at!


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Own Your Content and Your Designs with the World Leader

Protect your blog, your website name, your content and your graphics. Don’t be a victim of FREE hosting that seems like a really cool deal. 

Being a digital sharecropper means you are at the mercy and decision making choices of someone else or a big company that can make sweeping changes in an instant.

Whether it is Facebook or any other big “free service” provider, you have NO say in the rules they may impose on your website, blog or other online content – you can’t just pick up your content, traffic, contacts or anything else that is legally considered their property and move it somewhere else. 

You are likely relying on that big service provider to generate a lot of the traffic you are enjoying along with contact information that they are storing.  This means the big, popular service you area using has full control over you and the business you are digitally growing from their website.

How do you fix this?  Without hiring and expensive webmaster or learning complicated and expensive html software?

That is where we can help you!  Whether you are currently using Wordpress or just about to get started, we have the solution. 

Host your website and/or blog with us, use the search engine friendly Wordpress software that runs on our servers and you have full control.  We have been hosting websites since 1998.  Our hosting is fast, affordable, dependable and lets you own your content and domain name. 

DIY Wordpress hosting is easy, too! YouTube tutorials make it simple and user friendly - you have 100% CONTROL.

Send email to for additional information and affordable website and WordPress hosting.





Simplify & Enjoy Life More
NEW Ways to Make This A Reality
It's all abobut our Relationships and our Habits. They are so intertwined...


B and G  Garden

b and g garden 1
Greg Johnson and Master Gardener Ben Walker
are the proud owners and growers of B and G Garden in Poolville, Texas. Their Parker County produce is mouthwatering and second to none.Go to the Cowtown Farmers Market on the traffic circle in west Fort Worth to shop with B and G Garden for the freshest seasonal produce in town! The traffic circle is at the intersection of Southwest Blvd. and Hwy 183 (Alta Mere) just south of Camp Bowie, 3821 Southwest Blvd.


Cowtown Flea Market

Cowtown Flea Market

After 40+ years in the Cattle Barn of the Will Rogers Complex, Cattle Barn Flea Market is thriving and convenient to all, 8629 Camp Bowie West Blvd. You can visit the Market on Facebook too. Open Saturday and Sunday every weekend. Shop for a special item or just browse and buy.


Fort Worth C arpet

Family owned since 1951, Ft. Worth Carpet truly gives the personal attention you deserve to each customer's needs. If you need carpet
or wood flooring that stands up to the abuse of a loving pet's accidents or active children's wear, Ft. Worth Carpet is the place to shop. Browse through a huge selection of carpet, solid wood or wood laminate flooring.

You work with people who listen to your specific needs and are knowledgable and experienced about each of their products.
Ft. Worth Carpet
is located at 2603 8th Ave (at the south end of the strip center) with park at the door convenience.










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