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Economic Development and Growth in Fort Worth

Fort Worth South is truly The new Urban Village of Fort Worth as their tag line states.

For years, the thousands of people who work in Fort Worth's Medical District have had a commute that has taken them through one of the oldest and most historic sections of town.  Now, that area is becoming re-vitalized and the growth is phenomenal, thanks to the efforts of Fort Worth South, Inc. over the years. 

The organization was created in 1996 to implement the May 1995 "Strategic Plan for Revitalizing the Southside Medical District."  Efforts included the huge task of getting all of the hospitals who were thinking relocation to agree to remain in the area.

Before You Sign
The Barnett Shale is bringing a mineral boom to the Fort Worth area and it affects residents and land owners alike.  Check with your Neighborhood Association or Home Owners Association to find out if there is an advantage to signing a gas lease with one company over another.  Sometimes your Association is able to negotiate perks for the community that enhance a neighborhood for everyone.  If you have questions, your neighborhood group usually has answers.


Did you know....
The Fort Worth South area has more than 30 restaurants and more than 10 fast food establishments.

Mixed-use properties are the norm in Fort Worth South.  Mixed-use is the key to keeping an area vibrant with new development. with input and participation by Both residents and businesses share a common goal of making a specific area the best place to live and work.  Fort Worth South is a testimony of this in action and growth.

For additional information about Fort Worth South Inc. events, call Paul Paine at 817.923.1649.  Paul is President of Fort Worth South Inc.

Heard on the street....
Downtown YMCA renovations are nearly complete. Stop by for a tour and "pay the day" joining fees.
Fort Worth South is quickly becoming known as the "FUN side of 30."


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