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FW Police Department Presentation - For Women of All Ages
An Absolute MUST for Every Young Women Going to College

Mental awareness is even more important than physical safety skills because it helps you recognize and avoid a dangerous situation.  Personal Situational Awareness is a "must attend" program developed by Officer Rick Benson and Detective Michel Carroll.  Visit their website and find out why every woman should attend the Personal Situational Awareness program they make available in Fort Worth.  

This program should be required for all women as they graduate from high school to reduce the number of young women who become victims.

Recommend reading includes The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker which is reviewed in Our Fort Worth's Books and Reading.

Be sure to tell Ofc. Benson that Our fort Worth sent you when you call to schedule Personal Situational Awareness for your organization or school

Life is full of surprises.  Don't be caught unaware when the red flags of a bad relationship begin popping up. Those red flags are often ignored when the caring, sweet side of the relationship returns. Trust your instincts.

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