My name is Officer Harald Cussnick #2587 and my K-9 partner’s name is Kelev #NNDDA 42390. He is a certified narcotic detector dog with the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association and has the advanced certification, in detecting Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and Methamphetamines.

     Kelev was purchased for the city of Fort Worth thru a government grant and has been working since May of 2007. In his first two years (May 1, 2007 thru August 31, 2009), Kelev has helped officers recover over $18,205,452.00 dollars in (Street value) narcotics assisted in 459 arrests, 187 weapons seizures (several of which were recovered stolen), 144 vehicle Seizures/impoundments. Kelev has also preformed 99 demonstrations of his skills for both children’s groups and adult community meetings/fairs. Due to Kelev’s searches officers were also able to seize $150,456.00 in property (not counting value of weapons and vehicles) and $402,036.00 in U.S. Currency.

     Kelev is still young (he was born on September 7, 2005) he still has a lot “work life” in front of him. When Kelev first came to me he was extremely nervous around people due to the fact that he was not around a lot of humans in his young life. He had lived on 20 acres of land with Fort Worth Fireman (Dave Kuhnal) and his wife and a few other dogs and horses. Kelev’s daddy is a Fort Worth Bomb dog named Mint. Mint’s real name is Sir Bartholomew of Ledbetter. Notice I said Sir. Well the reason is that Mint was given Knighthood from the Queen of England and actually worked in Buckingham Palace . He has also worked 2 Olympics. Kelev’s sister, Izzy, is a certified Therapy dog providing therapy to children with Autism in a Fort Worth school. I guess Community Service runs in the family.

     Kelev is available for demonstrations, for more information contact the Fort Worth Police department at 817-378-1500.

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