Ties 2 the Past Antique Mall
Now Open

Fort Worth's Camp Bowie West is home to a new antique mall, Ties 2 the Past.  But owners Cary Covington and Greg Johannessen are certainly not new to the Fort Worth-Dallas antique and furniture scene.  Prior to Ties 2 the Past, they have sold their antiques at an antique mall in Burleson and elsewhere. 

Dealers include antiques, collectibles, specialty items, memorabilia, original art and hand-crafted jewelry.

Ties 2 the Past has handicap accessible parking by the entrance and is wheelchair or scooter friendly throughout the mall.

There is something for everyone, whether you are a collector or buyer, you are a dealer looking for an affordable place to sell, an artist looking for affordable wall space to sell your art, or you want to sell your items to a dealer. 

The mall is closed on Mondays.

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